Fighting for Fair Pay

Bloomberg Employees (Including Global Data Analytics Analysts)

From its inception through 2013 (when numerous lawsuits were filed and the U.S. Department of Labor resolved an audit of the entire company), Bloomberg L.P. failed to pay overtime premium pay to any class of employees except interns. Since then, Bloomberg “reclassified” some positions and began paying overtime to some but not all of its employees. Currently, Getman, Sweeney, & Dunn is suing Bloomberg, LP for its failure to pay certain help-desk call center workers overtime for hours over forty.

It appears to Getman, Sweeney, & Dunn that Global Data Analytics Analysts should be entitled to overtime while Bloomberg might still classify the position as exempt. If you currently work or have worked within the last 6 years as a Global Data Analytics Analyst or at any other help-desk or call center at Bloomberg LP, Getman Sweeney & Dunn is happy to review your pay situation. Call us at (845) 255-9370 or send us an email. The consultation is confidential and free, and there is no obligation to bring a case.

Getman, Sweeney and Dunn, PLLC is working with the Law Offices of Charles A. Gruen in Westwood, New Jersey to review and handle claims involving Bloomberg L.P. in New Jersey.

If you work in this industry and would like to speak with us about whether you were paid all wages you were owed, please send us the information needed by filling out the Industry Inquiry form.

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