Fighting for Fair Pay

Mechanical/Electrical/Structural Designers-Detailers-Draftsmen

Mechanical/Electrical/Structural Designers-Detailers-Draftsmen, employees who make fabrication drawings from information provided by engineers or other professionals, are generally not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime requirements. While some employees doing this work are paid overtime, many are not. In some industries, such as the oil and gas industry, many employers pay employees in these positions on a salary basis and do not pay overtime, even though federal law requires overtime pay. If your work falls within this category and you worked overtime in the last 3 years but were not paid for it, contact us. We can help determine if you are owed back wages and liquidated damages. If you are, we can help you collect them.

If you work in this industry and would like to speak with us about whether you were paid all wages you were owed, please send us the information needed by filling out the Industry Inquiry form.

Industry Inquiry

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