Fighting for Fair Pay

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Andrea Russo



I love getting to know our clients and hearing about their work experiences and how working for a living affects the rest of their daily lives. It is eye opening to meet so many diligent and hardworking employees who put so much time and energy into their jobs, despite working overtime without additional pay. Speaking with them has made it clear how important a role we can play in improving lives of anyone who works for a living, who has not been receiving fair pay for all the hours they work.

Dr. Andrea Russo joined Getman Sweeney as a paralegal in 2014. Prior to joining the firm, Andrea worked as a Veterinarian practicing cat and dog medicine for over 20 years and has offered online clinical consultations with pet owners. She also worked as a project manager for the science textbook publisher, Nature; coordinating deadlines and workloads for authors, editors and production staff. She has sat on a number of local government committees and has helped run several local elections. She served as co-chair of the New Paltz public access television committee for 13 years; making sure that residents were able to watch quality timely broadcasts of government meetings. In this capacity, she was instrumental in negotiating municipal cable franchise agreements for the town and village of New Paltz. Andrea brings many skills to the firm including client communication, data management, researching and archiving information. Throughout her adult life, she has been active in community and civic projects and is dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives.