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Jarin Ahmed

KEISER UNIVERSITY, Associates in Information Technology, May2016

Finding what my true aspirations are took some time but I know exactly what I want to do now. Serving communities is what’s meant for me. Not only do I find solace and peace with knowing that my career contributes to the fight for an equal opportunity – I better myself everyday through the work I do. Here at Getman, Sweeney & Dunn, I am able to work for the people. I am able to use my skills and knowledge not only to pave a path for those that need the assistance but help them reach a destination that they did not think was possible. It is an inspiration to work with such talented human beings here and I could not have asked for a better team to have by my side to fight injustices in the workplace.

Jarin joined Getman Sweeney as a litigation paralegal in early 2020, and works on cases that are handled by the firm. Prior to working with the firm, Jarin continued her studies at SUNY Canton as a Legal Studies major and has graduated from Keiser University with an associates in Information Technology. She has devoted her time in the Hudson Valley region toward becoming an immigration activist and civil rights organizer and is considered a social justice leader by her peers. Becoming trained in immigration law as well as educating communities of their rights has become a part of her life. She has worked to abolish the presence of ICE in her community to ensure a safe environment for her fellow community members. For the last few years, she has served as a Board Member for the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, assisting the organization being awarded the North Star Fund Frederick Douglass Award in which she was an honoree. She was honored by the YWCA organization in Troy, NY as a Women of Color Activist.  Jarin has taken part in her community’s fight for housing reform as well as minority justice. She bring her experience working with underrepresented communities to the firm as her strength and further ability to connect with clients.  Fun Fact: Jarin speaks 4 different languages and is a part-time chef!