Workers waiting ‘on call’ must be paid, court rules – SFGATE

On Monday, the Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles ruled that workers in California who are required to be on call for a possible work shift must be paid for that on-call time, regardless of whether they are called into work. In this case, workers were required to call in two hours before a shift to find out if they were needed for work. The employees were told to consider an on-call shift a definite work shift unless told otherwise, but did not include these shifts in the employees’ wage calculations if they were not called into work. However, because they were required to be on-call, even if they weren’t called to work, these employees were unable to commit to other jobs, classes, or social activities. As a result of this ruling, workers must be paid “reporting time pay” for this time.
This is a great victory for workers in California!

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