Fighting for Fair Pay

Benore Logistic Systems, Inc.

Federal law requires employers to pay overtime wages for any work hours over 40 in a week even if you are paid by salary and even if you were told that you are not eligible to get overtime pay. An employer can legally not pay you overtime only if you are exempted from the law.

Getman Sweeney filed an overtime pay lawsuit on behalf of Transportation Coordinators against Benore Logistic Systems, Inc., for violations of Federal and state overtime laws. The Plaintiff brought the case on behalf of Transportation Coordinators (TCs) who worked for the Defendants anywhere in the United States. She claimed that the Defendants failed to pay its TCs overtime as required by state and federal law. She asked the Court to award her and the class unpaid overtime wages and an equal amount of liquidated damages for failing to pay the wages on time. Additional claims were brought under the South Carolina Payment of Wages Act.

On June 5, 2018, this lawsuit was resolved between the parties of this litigation. Here is a link to the Court’s dismissal.

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