Fighting for Fair Pay

What Judges Say About Us

“The court emphasizes the results obtained for Plaintiffs, the experience, reputation, and ability of the attorneys, and the attorneys’ fees awards in similar cases. Each Plaintiff will recover more than the overtime wages and liquidated damages owed to them under the FLSA for hours worked over forty in a work week based on N&C’s time records. Such a generous outcome results from the experience, reputation, and abilities of Plaintiffs’ Counsel.”

– Judge Sherri A. Lydon, Amoko v. N&C Claims Service, 3:20-cv-04346-SAL (District of South Carolina Columbia Division), Order Approving Settlement Agreement


The quality of representation for the class was excellent. It was a well litigated case and well tried case at trial. … [and referring to both sides] the case was just terribly well done, it was hard-fought at every point, as it should be, and yet even though counsel were suitably aggressive, you were always respectful of the process, and it’s a real pleasure for me to preside over it, and I want to thank you all.”

– U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote, Roseman v. Bloomberg, L.P., 1:14-cv-02657-DLC (SDNY), transcript of fairness hearing held 10/15/18 (approving 54.5 million dollar settlement reached during trial)


“After many years of arbitration, plaintiffs’ counsel obtained excellent results for the class.

– Former Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge George C. Pratt, acting as Arbitrator in Herrington v. Waterstone Mortg. Corp., 3:11 Civ. 00779, ECF 157, at 5 (W.D. Wisc. Feb. 12, 2018)


Getman Sweeney Dunn “has brought to bear its considerable experience in handling class actions, and other complex litigation, particularly claims of the type asserted in the present action”

– Senior District Judge Jack B. Weinstein, in Lewis v. Alert Ambulette Serv. Corp., No. 11-CV-442, 2012 WL 170049, at *15 (E.D.N.Y. Jan. 19, 2012)


“[C]lass counsel is comprised of competent and experienced class action attorneys that are readily capable of prosecuting Plaintiffs’ claims. Class counsel is highly experienced in wage-and-hour litigation . . . [possessing] ‘stellar qualifications‘”

– US Magistrate Mark Falk in Bredbenner v. Liberty Travel, Inc., No. CIV.A. 09-1248 MF, 2011 WL 1344745, at *7-8 (D.N.J. Apr. 8, 2011).


“The Court remains impressed by the result achieved in this case and the time and resources invested by Plaintiff’s counsel.

– Chief U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips of the Central District of CA in Cilluffo v. Central Refrigerated Servs., Inc., 12 Civ. 00886-VAP-OPx, ECF 298, at 18-19 (C.D. Cal. April 3, 2018)


“Class Counsel has extensive experience in litigating wage and hour collective and class actions. Numerous courts have recognized Class Counsel’s extensive experience in successfully litigating wage and hour cases.

– US Magistrate Lisa Margaret Smith in Murphy, et al, v. Northern Dutchess Paramedics, 7:11-cv-05661-LMS, ECF ¶ 15 (S.D.N.Y. Aug. 15, 2014) (Smith, M.J.)


“Both this Court and other district courts around the country have recognized Plaintiffs’ counsel’s experience and skill in prosecuting wage-and-hour class litigation.

– US District Judge Jose Linares in Brumley v. Camin Cargo Control, Inc., No. CIV.A. 08-1798 JLL, 2012 WL 1019337 (D.N.J. Mar. 26, 2012)


“Based on the Court’s experience in supervising this litigation, [Getman Sweeney Dunn] has demonstrated the utmost skill and professionalism in effectively managing these consolidated actions and bringing them to a successful conclusion.

– US Magistrate Falk, in Bredbenner v. Liberty Travel, Inc., 09 Civ. 1248 MF, 2011 WL 1344745, at *20 (D. N.J. Apr. 8, 2011).


Getman Sweeney Dunn “performed ably, efficiently, and ethically, displaying admirable expertise, professionalism, and diligence in representing their many clients.”

– Former Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge George C. Pratt, acting as Arbitrator in Herrington v. Waterstone Mortg. Corp., AAA No. 01 14 0000 4860 (July 5, 2017)


“Defendants do not challenge the adequacy of the class counsel. They would be hard-pressed to; as another court recently noted, counsel’s qualifications are ‘stellar’.”

– US District Judge Brian M. Cogan in Morangelli v. Chemed Corp., 275 F.R.D. 99, 119 (E.D.N.Y. 2011)


Getman Sweeney Dunn attorneys are “qualified, experienced, and able to conduct complex litigation.

– U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote in Roseman v. Bloomberg L.P., 1:14-cv-02657-DLC-KNF (SDNY 9/21/17), Doc. 307


“high level of experience”

– US District Judge Michael A. Telesca, in Salazar-Martinez v. Fowler Bros., No. 10-CV-6257, 2012 WL 4062582, at *2 (W.D.N.Y. Sept. 14, 2012).


“You guys . . . make my job enjoyable. They were tough issues. They were well-presented, articulated. You made me all proud to be a lawyer.”

– US District Judge Ronald B. Leighton, in Thomas v. Kellogg Company, NO. C13-5136 RBL, May 18, 2018, (referring to Getman Sweeney Dunn along with other attorneys).



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