Fighting for Fair Pay

Should I Bring A Case?

Like everything in life, there are many considerations in deciding whether to bring a suit. These considerations are different for each person. There is no right answer. Getman Sweeney Dunn does not charge for consultations and we handle litigation without any upfront charges.

GSD never pressures anyone to sue. Calls to GSD are free and confidential. Call us

Benefits to suing for back pay:

  • Get paid what you are owed
  • Double (liquidated) damages under the FLSA and many other state statutes
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Stop employers cheating
  • Help fellow workers
  • Strengthen the rights of other working people
  • Possible service award in addition to back pay and damages if a case is successful

Common Concerns:

Nobody but you can decide if bringing a class action is right for you. Some other factors to consider:

Interested in talking further about whether a wage hour lawsuit is in your best interest? Call us. Calls are free. GSD never pressures anyone to bring a case.