Fighting for Fair Pay

What Clients Say About Us

Getman, Sweeney & Dunn asks our clients what they feel we’ve done well and what we can improve, at the end of each case. While we don’t please everyone all the time, most clients are extremely appreciative.

You can see the results of our client satisfaction surveys below. Here is a sampling of the kind things our clients say about their experience with our representation:

What did GSD do well?

“Communication, never giving up and fighting for what was right for those part of the lawsuit.” Trucker client, 2018.

“Thank you is not enough but I appreciate you and your staff for all you provided me with and more” Trucker client 2018.

“Communicated in a timely manner and handled everything in a professional way.” Paramedic client 2017.

“Beat a big, powerful company. Kudos!” Trucker client, 2018.

“You won the case” Trucker client, 2018.

“Everything” Trucker client, 2018.

“Handled my case professionally and efficiently.” Client 2017.

“Mailings of important updates and excellent client service when questions were asked” Client 2017.

“You adjudicated the case professionally and you got the defendants to pay for monies that they were not entitled to!” Client 2017.

“Always communicated steps clearly in a laid back manner. Didn’t feel pressure or tension as in many attorneys in the field.” Client 2017.

“Communicate and never gave up!” Client 2017.

“Justice was done with overtime issue!” Client 2011.

“You got results when I thought the outcome would favor the government.” Client 2011.

“I appreciated the constant communication regarding my case.” Client 2009.

“Quick resolution to this case.” Client 2009.

What could GSD do to improve?

“Nothing.” Trucker client, 2018.

“I didn’t feel any need for improvement.” Trucker client, 2018.

How satisfied were you with the attorneys on your case?

“very professional and polite.” Trucker client, 2018

“Excellent job and efficient.” Client 2017

“I was amazed at how quickly the case was settled.” Client 2013

How satisfied were you with the paralegals on your case?

“Very helpful, very informative and nice.” Trucker client, 2018.

“Everyone was thoughtful and caring.” Client 2017.

“Great!” Client 2011.

“Outstanding Communication – never had an email unanswered.” Client 2011.

Were you satisfied with our representation overall?

“I found everyone to be very informative.” Paramedic client, 2017.

“Great work” Trucker client 2018.

“Strived for the best outcome, sincerity” Client 2017.

“No problems at all!!!” Client 2011.

Were there any specific problems that we should know about?

“None what-so-ever.” Trucker client 2018.

“None” Trucker client 2018.

“Your office performed exceptionally well. Please keep up with your good work.” Thank you!!!” Client 2011.

“everything went extremely well from my perspective – will recommend you.” Client 2009-10.

“I think you are all terrific. Thanks.” Client 2009-10.

How satisfied are you with the outcome of your case?

“I think you did a great job” Trucker client, 2018.

“Enough to cover the cost of my military buy-back years to add to my civil service retirement.” Client 2018.

“Very impressed on how quickly it was handled.” Client 2016.

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