Fighting for Fair Pay

It is a crime for people to live in this rich nation and receive starvation wages. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Make the Road site tour – posted May 5, 2023

On Thursday, attorneys Karen Kithan Yau and Anamaria Segura attended the site tour for Make the Road New ...
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Independent Contractor Misclassification

Companies often misclassify employees as independent contractors to avoid paying them the wages and benefits the law requires. ...
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Court Grants Conditional Certification in case against Bloomberg

On February 28, 2023, the Court granted plaintiffs’ renewed motion for conditional certification and to issue notice to ...
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Victory for Farmworkers in NY

Last week the NY Department of Labor finalized new overtime regulations for farmworkers that ensure overtime pay at ...
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Home Health Aides may be due Back Pay

Home health aides who work 24-hour shifts may be due unpaid overtime wages and other damages. Call Us ...
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Supreme Court Ruling on Day Rate

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court held that an oil rig worker who was paid a day rate to ...
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Managerial Misclassification

The NY Times recently highlighted a new trend in wage theft – misclassifying workers as managers, and then ...
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DOL/DOT Trucking Initiative – Posted March 29, 2022

The Biden-Harris Administration has announced a new initiative in which the Department of Labor and the Department of ...
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Portrait

Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On Friday, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at 87. She was a champion of women’s ...
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Labor Day Demonstration March

History of Labor Day

"We believe hard work nourishes the soul and should nourish the body and support the family as well. ...
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Chart with Information on Labor Misclassification

Misclassification – Posted August 4, 2020

Workers in many fields are misclassified as independent contractors, when by law, they are really employees who would ...
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Gig Economy Updates – Posted July 17, 2020

As workers throughout the country are laid off as a result of the coronavirus, they are increasingly turning ...
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