Fighting for Fair Pay

Butterball, LLC

June 12, 2012
This case has been settled. The settlement has been approved by U.S. District Judge Malcolm J. Howard, who has ruled that the settlement is fair and reasonable. A notice concerning the proposed settlement has been sent to all employees who were identified as production workers who were paid GANG time within the period covered by the settlement (3/30/05 through the effective date of the settlement). Judge Howard held a final hearing to determine if the settlement should be approved on March 19, 2012. The claims period expired on May 11, 2012, except for those individuals who received a deficiency letter from the Claims Administrator (Simpluris, Inc.). The settlement payout has been mailed on June 12, 2012 by Simpluris to those individuals who have filed claims and who have not received a deficiency letter.

If you have moved since you FILED A CLAIM, you should call the Butterball Claims Administrator, Simpluris, Inc., at this toll free number: (888) 511-1074 in order to provide them with information about how to mail your award from the settlement. The address for Simpluris is P.O. Box 679560, Orlando, FL 32867. Plaintiffs who do not receive and cash their check within 120 days from the date of mailing will lose their claim.

If you have not received your check 10 days from the mailing, please contact Simpluris at their toll free number: (888) 511-1074.

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