Fighting for Fair Pay

MUSTANG SALLY’S SPIRITS AND GRILL, INC., doing business as Tiffany’s Cabaret & Steakhouse and Tiffany’s Cabaret

This overtime pay wage and hour case was brought against the owners of Tiffany’s Cabaret concerning the clubs’ treatment of exotic dancers as independent contractors instead of employees. Defendants David Scrivani and Mustang Sally’s Spirits and Grill, Inc., who own the clubs at issue, have now offered to have judgment entered against them, which the Plaintiffs have accepted. The accepted offers of judgments are currently before Chief U.S. District Judge Skretny. A stipulation of settlement paying the Named Plaintiff and the Opt-In Plaintiff has also been presented to Chief U.S. District Judge Skretny to be “so ordered.” Upon approval by the Court, the Plaintiffs will be paid and this action will be dismissed.

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