Fighting for Fair Pay


We only represent employees. We never represent employers or corporations. We have represented truck drivers, factory farm workers, data analysts, exotic dancers, restaurant servers, oil and gas inspectors, travel agents, customer service representatives, home health aides, insurance adjusters, retail sales representatives, service providers, loan officers, white collar workers, and more. We are proud to represent workers regardless of their immigration status. We handle litigation without upfront charges, and only recover fees if we win.

If you’re looking for help with a case, or potentially want to refer a class or collective action, you are welcome to reach out to us. We are glad to pay fair referral fees, or enter into other co-counseling arrangements.

We have extensive experience in the following minimum wage and overtime cases:

  • Salary misclassification
  • Independent contractor misclassification, including extensive work in the trucking industry
  • Overtime claims for home health aides, including those who work 24-hour live-in shifts
  • Companies improperly paying a day rate

Our team of in-house data scientists helps calculate damages, perform risk assessment for settlement purposes, and evaluate ESI.

We have a history of successful class and collective action lawsuits, and are also experienced in individual arbitration. You can read what judges have said about our work here: What Judges Say About Us

If you would like to contact us about partnering on a case or potential referral, please email us at