Fighting for Fair Pay

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Allison Barclay

I joined Getman, Sweeney & Dunn because I firmly believe that every person deserves the respect and dignity of receiving a fair wage. Our team advocates for people who dedicate their time and energy to employers who too often feel entitled to take advantage of them. The idea of going up against a powerful company can be daunting, but our mission is to make sure that all workers have the right to make their voices heard. I am honored to be a part of this team, and to advocate for fair labor practices on behalf of our clients and the community as a whole.

Allison Barclay is a graduate of the SUNY Dutchess Paralegal Studies program. She holds a degree in human services and is certified as a direct care worker. Before joining the firm, she worked as a writing tutor and teaching assistant for college students learning English as a second language within the State University of New York system. Allison worked for five years as a case coordinator and direct support worker for people living with severe and persistent mental illness. In that role, she collaborated with providers of legal services and provided individualized support. She is a proud member and volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has dedicated her career to advocating for people who too often are not given a voice.