Fighting for Fair Pay

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Dan Getman

Founding Partner (retired)



My great-grandmother fled the pogroms – religious persecution of Jews in Ukraine – in which her mother was murdered. She arrived in this country in 1906 with three children and $2 in her pocket. She worked hard to make a life for her immigrant family and was committed to freedom and helping other immigrants throughout her life. On my father’s side, my grandfather was a tailor and a proud union man, installing a deep belief in the power of solidarity among working people to my father, who went on to become a labor law professor and author. I had the privilege of becoming a lawyer as well and have always tried to use my skills and abilities to help those in need. I founded this firm to fight for working people and as we’ve grown to take on bigger companies and bigger abuses, I have watched with pride as a dedicated group of talented coworkers has become a powerful force advancing workers’ rights.

Mr. Getman originally founded Getman Sweeney as the Getman Law Office in 1998. He has practiced labor law exclusively on behalf of employees since 1989. Mr. Getman handles wage and hour litigation under the FLSA and state wage laws. He has handled individual, collective action and class action litigation, as well as negotiation, arbitration, and mediation in his work. His practice concentrates on federal and state overtime and minimum wage issues, including for individuals misclassified as independent contractors. Mr. Getman has handled class and collective actions for back wages for a wide variety of employees including: truck drivers, help desk workers, emergency medical technicians, satellite TV installers, auto mechanics, mortgage brokers, supermarket workers, medical personnel, call center employees, equipment repairers, meat cutters, accountants, chefs, sales clerks, hotel and restaurant workers, shipping inspectors, offshore surveyors, builders, laborers, janitors, home health aides, assistant managers, construction workers, salespeople, and many others. He has handled litigation in New York, California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri, Louisiana, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia. Mr. Getman believes strongly that all employees are entitled to high quality representation regardless of the ability to pay and therefore the firm handles litigation exclusively on a contingent basis.

Prior to founding this firm, Mr. Getman was a senior attorney and managing attorney with Farmworker Legal Services of NY, a non-profit legal services organization dedicated to providing legal assistance to migrant and seasonal farmworkers. In that practice he provided representation without charge to low income individuals in a variety of class and individual actions in employment matters in federal and state courts. For the period of 1984 to 1989, Mr. Getman was an attorney with Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York handling civil rights and governmental misconduct issues in individual and class actions in state and federal court.

Co-author, Winning The FLSA Battle: How Corporations Use Arbitration Clauses To Avoid Judges, Juries, Plaintiffs, and Laws, St. John’s Law Review, v. 86, Spring 2012, Number 2.