Fighting for Fair Pay

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Mike Russo

BARD COLLEGE, B.A. in Physics, 1979

SUNY ULSTER, A.S. in Computer Networking, 2000

Having past work experience driving delivery trucks, performing a lot of warehouse work, and fulfilling a wide range of office roles, I know and identify with many of our clients’ work experiences. I have endeavored for economic justice in various ways for all my adult life, so I was gratified to join this law firm over a decade ago to help further the interests of workers who are being shortchanged as a matter of course by large corporations who put profits first and employees last.

Mr. Russo is a programmer and database administrator. He has been trained in Networking, Database Administration and Windows Enterprise operating systems. He has operated, created, and consulted on networking and database issues for numerous organizations. Beginning in 2002, he was a technology consultant for the sales force of a data communication reseller, and since 2006, he has provided technology support as a paralegal with the Getman Sweeney Office. Mr. Russo assists the firm with programming, database, and financial analyses. He focuses on discovery of corporate electronically stored information, and complex programs for calculating lost wages and damages due.