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CA Complaint

Enforcing California’s Assembly Bill 5

We posted back in June of 2019 about the Dynamex case in California—now the California Attorney General and a coalition of city attorneys are suing Uber and Lyft, arguing that the rideshare companies continue to misclassify their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees, flouting the law.

Assembly Bill 5 went into effect on January 1st and codifies the CA Supreme Court decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court, holding that most workers are employees unless they meet certain criteria to be considered independent contractors. Uber and Lyft had applied for exemption from the law and were denied.

Uber has already been the target of other misclassification lawsuits, including a federal case that resulted in a $20M settlement and thousands of individual arbitrations filed on behalf of drivers for lost tips and expenses.

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