Fighting for Fair Pay

Fashion Industry Violations – Posted September 7, 2023

Often thought of as a glamorous and high-paying industry, the fashion industry has a long history of mistreating its workforce. Vogue recently surveyed over 600 fashion workers as part of its ‘Debunking the dream’ series. “Fashion’s workforce has historically faced long hours, intense pressure and the mental toll of being part of an industry focused on outward appearances.”

There’s abuse throughout the industry – from models and influencers; creatives such as designers, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists; to buyers, merchandisers, and PR and marketing professionals.

“There is a prevailing narrative that people ought to work for free, because working in such a ‘glamorous’ role is a privilege. The lifestyle that fashion promises – travel to far-flung places, exclusive events and social capital – can be used to force people into accepting poor working conditions, punctuated by no or low pay.”

You can read about GSD’s fashion industry investigation at, and you can read Vogue’s full article here.