Fighting for Fair Pay

Jason Kandel

Jason joined Getman Sweeney in early 2015 to assist the firm with data science and technology. As a trained experimental chemist, he has experience obtaining and analyzing large data sets of enzyme kinetic and structural data which has led to the publication of several journal articles. His previous work as a computer scientist focused on…

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Mike Russo


Mr. Russo is a programmer and database administrator. He has been trained in Networking, Database Administration and Windows Enterprise operating systems. He has operated, created, and consulted on networking and database issues for numerous organizations. Beginning in 2002, he was a technology consultant for the sales force of a data communication reseller, and since 2006,…

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Scott Workman

Scott joined Getman, Sweeney and Dunn in the Fall of 2020 to expand the capacity of the data analytics team to meet the growing needs of the firm, seeking to provide comprehensive data analysis, technology support, and research to support our cases. Scott comes to the firm with a diverse career in Information Technology Management…

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