Fighting for Fair Pay

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Scott Workman

University of Kansas, B.A. in Political Science, 1997

University of Southern Maine, MCPD in Community Planning and Development, 2014

My work experience reflects my values; and supporting the rights of workers to receive a fair wage for their labor only continues that pattern of working for what I believe is right. I am grateful that I can use my skills and passion for data analytics and investigation to support the firm, and more importantly the people we represent, in this endeavor.

Scott joined Getman, Sweeney and Dunn in the Fall of 2020 to expand the capacity of the data analytics team to meet the growing needs of the firm, seeking to provide comprehensive data analysis, technology support, and research to support our cases. Scott comes to the firm with a diverse career in Information Technology Management and Data Analytics, having worked in non-profit health care, state/local government, and higher education. His prior work includes developing data information tools and programs used to assess health care needs and trends, organization fiscal health, and automate repetitive processes.